Group Yoga Classes


public group classes at various locations - please see calendar below for dates, times and location


Therapeutic Yoga

The focus of this class is the linking of body, mind, breath and spirit in a gentle, nurturing way. Therapeutic Yoga promotes a healthy relationship with one's own limitations within the physical body, honoring individual differences, while exploring the subtle energies within the deeper aspects of the Self. Therapeutic Yoga utilizes breathing techniques, hand gestures (known as Mudras) and brief meditations within the sequence of gentle movement.


Yin yoga is known as the quiet practice, attending to the forgotten inner realms. The focus of this class is to promote personal growth, a clearing of energy blocks, and enhancing circulation and flexibility.

Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues as well as the meridians that end in the lower body. Poses are mostly performed from a seated or reclined position and are held for extended periods of time. Yin Yoga fosters a state of relaxation in the body that facilitates the development of flexibility, lubrication and rehabilitation of the connective tissue that forms the joints.

All public group classes are donation based