Journey with Yin is an ode to the feminine energy within each of us, male or female, which dwells in our hearts. Essentially, this is a journey through the heart space, to the depths of our being, allowing for the awakening of our truest essence.

As a society there isn't much importance placed on tapping into that quiet space within ourselves, we do not often make the time to maintain a healthy balance of yin and yang energies in our lives. Yin energy is calming, cooling, introspective, nurturing, receiving, creative, it rules the spiritual realm. It's opposite, yang energy, action-oriented, giving, warming, logical, linear, the embodiment of masculine energy, ruling the physical realm.

The goal being, to provide space in our lives to create harmony with these energies, both masculine and feminine. Without this balance, we invite chaos into our lives which eventually leads to dis-ease.To be able to guide people through the heart space, as they connect to that deeper part of themselves, is beautiful. During a session, it is an opportunity to create a safe sacred space where people can easily release and allow the flow of energy through the body, creating a healing experience. Connecting with the now moment, in this stillness we tap into yin energy, where we create intimacy with the unknown parts of ourselves...

With Love,
Amanda Montoya

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.
— Carl Jung