Providing A safe space for mind, body and spirit exploration

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Amanda Montoya

Yoga Instructor • Energy WorkER • Spiritual GuidE

As a channel for greater awareness and change, Amanda has a passion for helping her clients tap into that quiet voice within, by creating a safe space to explore their spiritual nature with curiosity and acceptance. She offers a variety of methods of healing to provide the opportunity to bring oneself back into the body and the present moment . . .

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Client Love

Amanda’s skills are vast and powerful. Her compassion and deep honesty create an environment of safety and trust. I highly recommend her Medicine to all.
— Elena Romero

Journey With Yin

Journey with Yin is an ode to the feminine energy within each of us, male or female, which dwells in our hearts. Essentially, this is a journey through the heart space, to the depths of our being, allowing for the awakening of our truest essence. Yin energy is calming, cooling, introspective, nurturing, receiving, creative, it rules the spiritual realm. It's opposite, yang energy, action-oriented, giving, warming, logical, linear, the embodiment of masculine energy, ruling the physical realm . . .

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Thai Bodywork





Client Love

I loved the instructions and the time length. After all was complete, there was a undeniable feeling of peace and love. An investment of time worth every second. Amanda is outstanding. If not for the distance I would attend more often. Thank you for all the moments of healing.
— Sharon Walker